Innovative Approaches for Solar Success

Transforming Installations with Technology

Understanding the Industry

The solar installation industry has grown rapidly in recent years due to increasing awareness of the environmental and economic benefits of solar energy. The industry is characterized by the installation of solar panels and other equipment to generate electricity from the sun’s energy. Solar installations can be done for residential, commercial, and industrial properties, and the size and complexity of installations can vary greatly.

The solar installation industry is highly competitive, and companies must continuously strive to offer high-quality installations and customer service to remain competitive. The industry is also heavily regulated, and companies must comply with local, state, and federal regulations related to safety, environmental impact, and building codes.

Overall, the solar installation industry is a dynamic and growing sector that offers significant benefits to individuals, businesses, and communities, and is expected to play a significant role in the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

Grasping client requirements

As the demand for residential solar installations has increased, managing customer relationships, sales processes, and installations have become increasingly complex. The sales and installation teams were using manual processes and multiple systems, which was causing delays and errors.

Texala also recognized that they wanted a solution that was scalable, flexible, and accessible from anywhere. They also wanted to improve communication and collaboration between their sales, customer service, and installation teams.

Ready for change!

The solar installation at an early stage was facing several challenges in managing customer relationships, sales processes, and installations. To address these challenges, we conducted a comprehensive evaluation of various CRM solutions to find the best fit for their needs.

Texala finally chose a cloud-based CRM. The cloud-based solution provided the scalability, flexibility, and accessibility that they were looking for, and it also offered a range of features specifically designed for the residential as well as commercial units solar installation industry.

Outcome of Imagination

The cloud-based CRM has helped these Solar Installers streamline their sales processes, improve communication and collaboration between teams, and increase efficiency and accuracy. The CRM also provided real-time visibility into the status of installations, which allowed the installation team to quickly resolve any issues and ensure that installations were completed on time. 


  • Centralized Database

    Our cloud-based CRM system allowed Solar Installers to store all customer information, sales data, and installation details in one centralized database.

  • Improved Sales Processes

    The CRM system streamlines the sales process and helps Solar Installers to manage leads, opportunities, and customer interactions.

  • Enhanced Customer Service

    The system enables the team to track customer interactions and maintain a record of customer history, improving overall customer satisfaction.

  • Scalability and Flexibility

    The cloud-based CRM system allowed Solar Installers to scale their operations as their business grew, without the need for additional hardware or software investments.

  • Accessibility

    Our cloud-based CRM system could be accessed from anywhere, at any time, giving Solar Installers the ability to manage their operations.

Summing it up

The Solar industry has transformed its residential solar installation business with the help of our cloud-based solar CRM. The CRM has improved their sales processes, communication, and efficiency, and has helped them better serve their customers. The scalability, flexibility, and accessibility of the cloud-based CRM have allowed Solar Installers to keep pace with the growing demand for residential solar installations and ensure continued success. 

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