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Form Builder – The Tool That Projects Your Growth

What a Form Builder can do for your Business?

In today’s day and time, every business relies on forms to collect data for leads. ‘The more the merrier’ is an absolute no brainer in the case of leads, but the story for data changes drastically. The zest to capture more and more leads results in the accumulation of an enormous amount of data that morphs into a gigantic, unconquerable monster.

However, a simple plugin can actually un-complicate this entire myriad of hectic actions. The ability to search, filter and retrieve your data by simply sliding your mouse truly acts as a boon. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

What Texala Offers?

1. User-Friendly Interface

The Form Builder has a user-friendly interface that enables a hassle-free creation of the forms. One simply needs to drag and drop the fields that they want to define while capturing leads.

2. Numerous Fields

Since the needs vary for every business, we enable you to choose from a huge number of fields to add to your form. This feature has been introduced keeping in mind the varied industries this form caters to.

3. Predefined Workflow

Most form builders only allow you to customize the fields and the overall color and design scheme. However, we have taken the game a notch higher. We have a pre-defined list of workflows that allows unified segregation of forms under the module, phase, etc.

4. Quick Deployment

What acts as a cherry on top is the hassle-free deployment of these forms on both Windows and Linux platforms.

5. Seamless Data Integration

And now that we have taken the hard work off your plate and saved your time and effort, we ensure that your data is transferred to you via a compatible mode.

Now that you know why our Form Builder should be your choice, described further are the things that will help you get maximum conversion.

Things to Keep in Mind When Designing the Form:

1. Short And Sweet Is What You Are Looking For

Too many field entries tend to irritate the users. Keep it simple and ask only those questions that matter when capturing the lead.

2. Data Filters Are A Must

Although, the need for data entry is undeniable, what matters is that these should not restrict submissions.

3. No Hints And Links Is A Flop Show

Most people are reluctant to share their phone number and email ID. Providing a link to the privacy policy will be a great way to assure them of authenticity.

4. Automatic Form Submission Is A Big No-No

The last thing that you want is multiple submissions of the form by bots. Ensure to use Captcha to prevent such a case.

5. Thumbs Up To Personalized Inbox Replies

People love it when things are personalized and on point. Sending emails to acknowledge the requests by leads is a good practice. But here’s the catch, when you automatic responder responds, make sure to add the personalized touch to set the right note if relationship management.

Now you know that what our form builder can do for you, feel free to drop in your queries. Our team will be happy to discuss it!

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