It is an Online Examination system, fully computerized, user friendly having advanced
security features making it fair, transparent and standardized.The term end examinati
on will be conducted in an online proctored mode. Candidate can take the test from th
e safe and secure environment of his/her home, with a desktop/laptop/smartphone (w
ith a webcam) Candidates are requested to take the test honestly, ethically, and shou
ld follow all the instructions.

Basic Instructions for Online Examinations:

A. General information:

1. The examination will comprise of Objective type Multiple Choice
Questions (MCQs).

2. All questions are compulsory and each carries 3 mark.

3. This exam have 10 aptitude questions which needs to complete
within 15 minutes.

4. There will be NO NEGATIVE MARKING for the wrong answers.

B. Information & Instructions:

1. You are allowed to use pen and paper for solving the question.

2. Every student will take the examination on a Laptop/Desktop/Smart Phone.

3. On computer screen every student will be given objective type type
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

4. Each student will get questions and answers in different order selected randomly
from a fixed Question Databank.

5. The students just need to click on the Right Choice / Correct option from the
multiple choices /options given with each question.

6. You will not be allowed to change the answer option once selected.

Each question has four/five options, and the candidate has to click the appropriate

7. The test will be auto-submitted if no time is left for the exam.

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Contact Number
College Name
Passing year
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