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React JS – The Messiah Of Front-End Development

A Brief View On Why Enterprises Are Using React JS!

In the dynamic world of information and technology, only a handful number of technologies are stable enough. Even lesser of those, like React JS, are able to overcome the transition and stay relevant with the changing times. And this is exactly what the big names in the industry are aiming for.

Major apps are constantly working towards developing a platform that can be continually improved by adapting new trends and frameworks. At present, of many technologies, React JS is enjoying its share of fame, which is of course justified on account of its features. In this blog, we would be describing the features of React JS that lets it stand out:

1. Declarative Views

React JS enables a painless experience of creating interactive UIs. Once you design simple views for each state within your application, it efficiently updates and renders the right components as your data changes. It helps in making your code more predictable and easy to debug.

2. Component-Based

React facilitates a component-based structure. This JavaScript library, for building user interfaces, enables you to easily pass rich data through your app. It encapsulates components that manage their own state and further on composes them to form complex UIs. This enables your app to maintain a consistent look and feel.

3. Performance

With the inherent power of handling graphics on numerous devices, it already has an edge over the other technologies. It can seamlessly load webpages, be it on a tablet, desktop or a smartphone. The on-page apps are updated automatically and do not require a reload for redrawing UI.

4. Virtual DOM

React attempts at overcoming the bottlenecks when it comes to web performance. By enabling Virtual DOM, it aims to store a copy of DOM in memory. So, any changes would be first reflected in this Virtual DOM. Furthermore, the previous and current states of the virtual DOM are compared by an efficient diff algorithm to calculate the best way to implement these changes.

5. Isn’t An MVC Framework

React is not a framework but a library that can be used in sync with other JavaScript libraries as well. These all contribute to a shorter learning curve as well as streamlines the development without involving higher capital investments in an organization.

6. Easy To Use

Since it has a shorter learning curve, it has emerged as one of the most loved libraries among developers. It is ideal for not just the newbies but also the expert and experienced programmers. It also has all the advanced functions, thus enabling the pros to develop stunning webpages.

7. Unidirectional Data Flow

When designing an app using React JS, you would often nest the child components within the complex parent components. These parent components have a container for the state of the app and it passes down a snapshot of the state to the child components via read-only props.

8. Clean Abstraction

Another factor that contributes to the simplicity of React JS is its clear abstraction. Unlike other technologies, it is unbiased and the developer has the freedom to design the architecture of their app which they feel would be a good fit.

Now that we have discussed the advantages of React JS from the developers’ perspective, described further are the features that make it a hot choice for entrepreneurs as well.

9. Development Speed

In a world where time is money, finding a technology that boosts development speed and saves time is absolutely priceless. React JS enables embracing the reusable components has made it “quite the hottie” among entrepreneurs.

10– Stability

Every business wants to adapt a technology that is here to stay for the years to come and this is what exactly React JS offers. This is the reason why from Facebook and Instagram to Netflix and Dailymotion and many more such business are switching to React JS.

11. Access To Talented Resource

We’ve already established why developers totally love using React owing to its ease of use. So, this makes it a little obvious that finding well-versed React JS developers is a rather easy job.

The above points successfully summarize that React JS qualifies as a suitable fit for multiple user bases, whether be it a Fortune 500 company or a dynamic startup trying to develop a strong product. Apart from being a developer’s favorite, it has all the aspects that convinces an entrepreneur to rely on this library. Moreover, “according to a survey conducted by Lambda Test, a total of 64.8% of JavaScript developers are currently using ReactJS”. Hence it can be safely inferred that such large scale adoption of a technology clearly testifies its good standard.

If you have some insights about this subject feel free to drop in your message. Our team will be happy to discuss it!

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